We’ve been thinking a lot about work-life balance at Pumpkin – how do we continue to produce brilliant work, while ensuring staff stay happy and aren’t overworked?

We already have a whole package of what we call Pumpkin Perks which we think make all the difference towards staff wellbeing.

We offer regular on-site massages, weekly free team lunches, a present on your birthday, annual team trips to a summer music festival and a team Christmas getaway – this year it will be Venice.

Everyone gets £500 to spend on a passion project of their choice – anything they like as long as it’s nothing to do with work. This year we’ve had team members learn to kick box, learn to drive, buy a camera to photograph a water aid project in Malawi and perhaps most unusually – learn how to teach pole dancing!

But we asked – can we do more?

And so we’re trialling a new working week of 4.5 days, meaning the weekend starts at 2pm on a Friday.

Working fewer hours isn’t meaning we get less done — in fact the opposite is true – and we’ve had a truly supportive response from our clients.

Having the headspace for contemplation, a brilliant side hustle, a passion project — or simply time to just get life stuff done — is paramount to individual wellbeing. And when people are happy in themselves, it reflects in their work.

Our team works so hard, it’s only fair to give something back to show our appreciation.

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